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San Juan Capistrano

Well, if you’ve heard anything about this historic mission town, it’s just that- the mission. Mission San Juan Capistrano is a very popular tourist attraction, and it is easy to understand why.

Aside from the obvious historical appeal that the mission holds, there is downtown San Juan, which has been a favorite place mine for many years. It’s fun to people watch, as you will encounter tourists from virtually all over the world, as they come to take in the scenery, shopping and dining. “El Adobe” Restaurant is my personal favorite.

It boasts some of the best and most authentic Mexican food around, and I just love the old-world charm and atmosphere there. (Ok, they have great margaritas too!) “The Swallow’s Inn” is a very popular bar and nightclub and sits just a stone’s-throw away from the mission.

You can catch some of the best local talent there, as live music is part of its attraction. But beware, it gets pretty crowded and a bit crazy at times, but if that’s you thing, you will love it.

Orange County, California coastal community.

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